Oregon, US of A
Saturday, July 18, 2015

Teacher:  “Dear child, each morning, as you ready yourself to receive in the Stillness, you are undergoing a mini test of your faith as it is truly a leap of faith on your part to believe that we will come through to you with higher teachings.  And yet, all what you have to do is to initiate the process and we will jump in and do our part. 

“Faith is required at many levels of your life--faith in things unseen, faith in the promises of your Master, faith that all is well.  Whenever doubt raises its ugly head in your life, it puts you immediately in a state of unsettlement and starts robbing you of precious energies as it delays the onset of your connection with the Divine.

“In such moments, recall your past successes or the achievements of others.  Where there is a will, there truly is a way as the will is what defines the way.  All started with the First Source and Center expressing His creative Will.  Following this mighty statement of intentions, Creation occurred and is still unfolding as the Father’s Will is reaching way beyond the human ability to fathom it.

“All what you need to believe is that you are an important part of His Will.  Ask the Father what is your life purpose?  Which part of the organism are you essential to?  Keep asking in the Stillness until your purpose becomes clearer and clearer to you. 

“With such an open minded and open hearted attitude, you will allow the Divine to help mold you into the divine being you have been conceived to become.  Becoming is part of the process.  Be yourself, your own unique self.  This cannot happen by emulating others as each one has been created to be an expert in their field.  Yet, it can be done by emulating the attitude of those who are spiritually more advanced and who, by their own experience, ploughed wider the trail to perfection. 

“In order to build a road, many workers are needed.  Some will survey the territory; others will perform some soil testing in order to ensure that the road will remain stable; others will remove the obstacles in its way, and so on.  They will all be collaborators in that intention and will see the project to its fulfillment.  It will serve many. 

“Each tried and proved personal experience can be shared to spare others some detours; experience is priceless as it provides a shortcut to many.  This is the reason why it is so important to respect others as everyone has something to contribute to the enlightenment of all or to the betterment of the quality of their life on this planet and beyond.

“Some students will graduate early to their earthly purpose and others may be in need for longer studies in order to attain their more demanding qualifications.  Yet, everyone is important as each blue print is essential to the fulfillment of the all embracing Divine Will.  Respect yourself and respect others.  Love and mutual respect are the core attitude of those who reach the highest levels of achievement.  Your Master Jesus modeled this attitude to perfection.”