Oregon, US of A
Saturday, March 24, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “What is Enlightenment?  It is a mental process through which you become more knowledgeable about the Father’s Plan for your existence.  The premeditated Lucifer Rebellion intended to wipe out all trace of evidence about the Father’s Existence by seeding doubt in the impressionable minds of humankind.  The Luciferian lies ‘intended’ to blow out the candle of light and to disempower the human race, casting it in darkness.

“Indeed, humankind quickly forgot about their amazing potentials, as they were brainwashed into believing their unworthiness, while they had been conceived to be promoted from the down-to-earth human condition to one of Godlikeness.  Lucifer campaigned to usurp the rightful place of the Father in Heaven in the hearts of men.  Sadly, he succeeded in many cases and this resulted in the planet becoming increasingly shrouded in suffocating darkness.

“Ever since, various Ambassadors of the Light were dispatched to Earth to keep burning the flickering Flame of the One and Only God.  They had to break a trail in the very obtuse and disenchanted minds.  They had to spoon-feed Truth so as to revitalize the human minds and open their spiritual appetites. 

“Each one of you experiences darkness in some areas of life—the darkness of ignorance in which fears abound.  This is not a good feeling and many of you are on a personal quest to find answers to the many life mysteries.  Each new morsel of Truth is very much appreciated, as it turns yet another light on in your mind, helping you to find your spiritual bearings.

“Dear ones, you are beings of Light!  Remind yourself of this fundamental truth whenever you are assailed with doubt about your self-worth and the worth of your siblings.  By focusing on the Light, you are inviting more Light to flood your life and all its associated uplifting feelings.  Why would you consciously choose to focus on the darkness, knowing that it is filled with dangerous entrapments?  Indeed, you do not belong in the underworld.  You are destined to much higher callings!  By following the Truth, you are indeed following the Light.”