Oregon, US of A
Friday, July 19, 2019

“Love is dynamic.  It can never be captured; it is alive, free, thrilling, and always moving.”  [UB 1289:03]

Question: If love is all of the above, what is hate?

Thought Adjuster: “Hate is the absence of love. It is like a parched desert terrain that does not provide the bare minimum to sustain life. It is like an executioner who callously and remorselessly relishes in the gnashing of teeth and clamors of despair it provokes.

“As a free Spirit, Love enjoys a vast range of motion. The benign virus of love is the irrepressible urge to bless others with its infectious upbeat demeanor. Hate is virulent as well, but of a lethal strain. Like a suicide-bomber, it annihilates both the perpetrator and his target.

“Both these emotions have to be fed to survive. Love thrives on good deeds and random acts of kindness while hate hangs on for not-so-dear life by combusting in its dark furnace the volatile fuels of anger, resentment, and bitterness.

“Love colors its neighborhood in vibrant hues, while hate does its best to defile its colonies with its offensive graffiti. Because it is alive and well, love will win. It knows how to avoid the minefields of hate, thus outsmarting those with iniquitous agenda.

“Love facilitates the opening of hearts, while hate instantly slams them shut like a drop of lemon on an oyster. Love is disarming while hate is weaponized and, if handled carelessly, it may end up shooting its handler in the foot.

“Do you have a love- or a hate-life? What type of emotions to you harbor? How does it feel? Hate is sneaky and, like a Trojan horse, it progresses under pretenses. Such was Lucifer’s strategy when he instigated his godless hate movement.

“Jesus came to redress the situation, becoming an eyesore for the haters. Never did He allow them to drown him in the quicksand of their hate or ensnare Him in the sleazy hold of their web of iniquity. Like a machete, His dynamic and magnanimous love cut a life-saving trail through the suffocating jungle of hateful emotions.”