Oregon, US of A
Sunday, October 28, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Human hearts suffer significantly from planetary dysfunction and have been adversely impacted by the faulty Luciferian emotional legacy.  Their heartbeat signals are weak and erratic, as their circulatory system is hampered by grudges, resentment, bitterness, greed, jealousy—not to mention life-threatening clots of hate.  Any physician would declare them at high risk of emotional strokes—threats to your eternal survival, as well as robbers of joy and happiness.

“How do you fix such a condition?  When a human organ is damaged beyond repair, doctors register the patient’s name to a waiting list for a donor.  The patient’s hope for survival requires the demise of a matching donor.  As for the affairs of the emotional heart, nobody needs to die to make a ‘transplant’ possible. 

“The liver is one organ that can be donated partially without requiring a death sentence, as it is self-regenerating.  The point I am making here is that the Substance of Love is freely bestowed from On High to steady your irregular ‘heartbeat.’ 

“Beware of symptomatic unpleasant emotions!  If not addressed adequately and promptly, they are the forerunners of worse afflictions.  Just as physical pain draws your attention to a possible area of malfunction, so does emotional distress.  By obsessing about them, you aggravate these unpleasant tendencies.  On the other hand, focusing on LOVE prompts it to move through your damaged emotional circuitry and repair its scar tissues with its laser-like beam of light— non-invasive cardiology with high success rates.

“If you wish to get well, embrace a healthy emotional lifestyle.  Much can change for the better in your life—and on your world—once you consciously search for LOVE, as LOVE is the Life Force of the universes—yours included.

“Only Love can pulverize abrasive and toxic hate.  Its element of Mercy acts as the healing balm applied to festering emotional wounds.  Dear ones, the divinely concocted ointment for total emotional healing is a designer blend of Love, Mercy, Compassion, and Empathy.  I provide it freely so that you can apply it generously on yourself and others.  A healthy glow of gratitude will be one of the telltale signs of recovery.”