Oregon, US of A
Friday, August 31, 2018

“The happy and effective person is motivated, not by fear of wrongdoing, but by love of right doing.”  [UB 1572:06]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us ponder the above statement.  There are many factors that contribute to someone’s effectiveness.  It is not to say that someone who is fear-driven is not effective, as fear can compel you to take drastic emergency actions or to act under duress.  Yet, it is far from being the best motivator, as it has many unwelcome side-effects.

“Indeed, it is far much preferable to initiate actions based on the love of right doing—rather than the coercion exerted by the fear of wrong-doing.  Such a fear factor is often triggered by the complicity of guilt and shame, ganging up in an emotional blackmail that CANNOT yield a carefree joyful state.

“Looking at the emotional spectrum, it is very obvious that fear and its co-conspirators proliferate at the bottom of an emotional swamp, clouding the light of positive emotions. Yet, such emotional quicksands are not cast in stone.  They shift and fluctuate, being triggered in great part by the thoughts that you entertain.  By learning to get a firm grip on your thoughts, you will regain your emotional footing.  By focusing on positive emotions, you will enlist their help to bring about positive outcomes—internal and external.

“Once you keep the home hearth fed with comforting positive emotions, you will be empowered, as their aromatherapy will give rise to enthusiasm and jest for life—something that fear is totally unequipped to bring about, as fear is a drag.

“Dear ones, before you are ‘driven’ to take any action, stop and ponder which type of motivators are behind such initiatives.  Are they tainted with any hint of fear or are they under the joyous spotlight of love—a love that is always in collusion with joy and an upbeat spiritual attitude?  It is always within your power to regroup and steer your emotional skiff toward a more nurturing and satisfying backdrop.”