Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Whenever your inner world is rattled by what occurs in your outer reality, and you are unable to remain anchored in the Peace that passes all understanding, then arise severe symptoms of restlessness, fear, and anguish that can even give way to full-blown panic attacks.  Those are the moments you ‘speed dial’ your spiritual Emergency Technicians in utter despair, as you do not see a way out to the seemingly relentless predicaments in which you feel trapped. 

“How do We get your attention in those debilitating moments?  How do you get someone’s attention when they ‘are losing it’?  You may throw a glass of cold water in their face or snap your fingers to extirpate them out of that faulty emotional mode. You develop resourcefulness in such extreme situations.  By doing so, you help others realize that they are not as alone as they initially felt.

“This is how We intervene with you, children of time and space.  We monitor your fluctuating states of mind—states of soul—and We are well versed in detecting the warning signals of emotional tsunamis.  Adding to this the fact that We love you unconditionally, be reassured that We are giving it Our all—always within the parameters of your free will prerogative—to help you emerge out of the imaginary box that triggers your emotional claustrophobia.

“As life presents you with various versions of the same challenges, you built an archive of memories that validate again and again the truth contained in the ‘This too shall pass’ mantra.

“Dear ones, whenever you endure such grueling ‘déjà-vu’ moments, remember that they are not dead-ends.  Instead, they serve as launching pads toward the expansion of your inner world, provided that you tackle them with a can-do spirit, in a full cooperative mode with Spirit, to yield positive outcomes out of these painful emotional birth pangs.”