Oregon, US of A
Monday, July 16, 2018

“Men all too often forget that God is the greatest experience in human existence.” [UB 1289:02]

Thought Adjuster: “Your planetary existence is subjected to a great variety of ebbs and flows, starting with the manifold patterns of the ambient weather, as if it were equipped with a dial of sorts that sets the mood of the day—sunny, windy, rainy, stormy, snowy, and more. You plan your days accordingly, as you now have the ability to check the weather forecast and be prepared.

“As well, you are dealing with the fluctuations of the world economics, politics, food supplies, population factors, and much more.  They too tip the scale one way or another.

“As if it were not enough to process these external data, you are dealing with the ebbs and flows of your inner world and their many catalysts.  It is harder to forecast your inner weather, as it can shift instantly from a sunny outlook to a mighty storm—an emotional flashflood that you have to learn to contain and that puts you in sudden danger of emotionally drowning.

“Yet, as the saying goes, “once bitten, twice shy”.  Such is the value of experience.  An extraordinary situation is no longer as ‘extra-ordinary’ the second time around and you will face it differently, having wizened up through the lessons drawn from your initial experience and devised a proactive ‘emergency response plan’ that mitigates the impact of these emotional blows. They no longer have the advantage over you of the effect of surprise, as you have been put on alert after their first ‘out-of-the-blue’ occurrence.  You have listened to their warning bells. 

“Whenever you turn to Me in these confusing times, I provide you with the ‘fog lights’ and ‘night vision goggles’ that help you stay the course in spite of the treacherous emotional elements.  By hanging on to Me, you get to know Me and My steadfastness.  Haven’t you made it that far?  Such extreme predicaments can greatly strengthen our bond and enhance our wonderful complicity.  I am honored by your confidences.  As you call for My help, rest assured that it will not be withheld, as My heart is always wide open.”