Oregon, US of A
Sunday, May 8, 2016

Oregon, US of A, May 8, 2016

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, it is said of the physical life that it is an illusion and yet, it does not appear so to those who are experiencing it.  Your physical body is anchoring you in the material realm and has powerful sensors that connect you to its various aspects and allow you to investigate them for yourself.  Your eyes see colors and shapes; your ears help you navigate the physical world through the various sonic clues; your taste buds assist you in the selection of your nutrition; etc. 

“Some physical sensations are very intense and pleasant and have the potential to trigger addictive behaviors--giving rise to longings of self-gratification that go beyond the physical needs of your being.  The body ceases then to be a mean to the end of contributing to your spiritual growth. For those who live unaware, physical cravings can become the source of manifold imbalances that will disable their ability to lead a meaningful life –the life that the Father dreamt for them; instead, they transmute it into a frightening and overwhelming nightmare in which they have lost their ability to resist and subdue these negative influences. 

“Yet, thanks to your free will, you have at all times the prerogative of bringing everything to a screeching halt in order to regroup.  This can only happen if you come to your spiritual senses and refrain from justifying the errors of your ways—you are indeed your worst advocate and your worst enemy.  Human beings tend to sugarcoat the inconvenient truth of their being in order to avoid the lower emotions of shame and guilt that arise whenever you do what you should not be doing.  How often do you hear that expressed:  “I should not, but I will anyway”?  What would happen if you didn’t? 

“Any life can be turned around once the skill of discernment has been activated rather than conveniently—or not—swept under the carpet.  Don’t you wish to know what contribute to your highest good and what is detrimental to it?  Don’t you with to pluck from your life the roots of dysfunction that turn it into a living nightmare?  Wouldn’t you rather promote the manifestation of thrilling emotions that keep you going in the never-ending quest for more truth, beauty and goodness?  Wouldn’t such a life turn your fondest dreams into a very tangible reality?

“All it takes is to take a thorough and honest inventory of your life content.  If you are willing to go through such a life-changing inner make-over, turn to Me and to your beloved soul family who truly have your highest good at heart.  Ask for our input and it will be given to you through many subtle and yet powerful clues placed on your path; they will get your attention if you are sincerely looking for answers.  Do not compare your circumstances with those of your siblings; each life journey is unique.  The Father wishes to be your travel companion and He wishes for your common journey to be exciting and memorable.  Those are the only snapshots that you will be able to take with you when you move on.  Only good memories will have access to Paradise.  All the bad ones will cease to exist as they have no survival value.  Why then persist on keeping them alive?”