Oregon, US of A
Thursday, July 19, 2018


Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about Divine Objectivity.  You are coming to Me in your times of need, soliciting My feedback.  Contrary to the feedback you may get from those who are close to you and know you well in many ways, My feedback is based on the full disclosure of your personal data—the endless stream of your thinking, meandering through random and focused thoughts; the shifting of your emotions set off by a variety of triggers; your curriculum vitae that is never sealed to Me; your heartfelt intentions and your desire to be honest with yourself.

“Indeed, your intentions have to be heartfelt—not just ‘head-felt’. As well, you have to be honest with yourself so that I can use your receptivity as a prelude to My Input.  My Input is objective, as I process this wide array of data to come up with a fully-informed and failproof ‘diagnosis’.  Yet, in spite of such a sublime objectivity, I always remain subjective in My love toward you.  My Love is the ‘digestive enzyme’ for the Truth I meter out to you.  My Love is the driving force in the delivery of My Input.

“Dear ones, on your journey toward godlikeness, you too have to learn to be ‘divinely’ objective—rather than brutally honest.  There is a great difference between these two delivery modes. 

“Is it true?  Is it kind? Is it necessary? Is the timing impeccable?   Those are the questions to ask yourself before your words irremediably cross the threshold of your lips.  Those are the ducks that need to be lined up to allow a constructive ‘truth disclosure’.  Anything else may miss the mark of character enhancement, as brutal honesty leaves heartaches and emotional bruises in its wake.  Yet, as your Inner Guide, I shall always speak My Truth in perfect divine timing and on the basis of your need to know.”