Oregon, US of A
Friday, March 3, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about Divine Intentions.  The Father is the Progenitor of an extensive creation with infinite potentials.  This is well worth pondering.  The Father is universal, infinite and eternal.  These three attributes constitute an indescribable Presence that spans over time, space, and beyond. 

“As human beings, you are His creatures.  This implies that you were created with a very specific underlying intention, as the Father never creates without forethought.  Everything starts in Spirit as a creative idea that is also integrated within the overall creative process.  Indeed, everything has to be interactive in order to be sustainable.

“From is Paradise Abode, the Father is 100% present and focused in His creative endeavors and knows you at all the levels of your being.  He also knows the future you—that part of you that is still embryonic. Just as the embryo is the promise of a full grown human being, provided everything proceeds as planned, you are a seedling growing toward a much greater self—the Father’s Eternal Vision for you specifically.

“As a young child, you were wondering about what you would be when you grow up.  Now, you are wondering about what you will be when you move on to higher realms.  Indeed, you are still growing in the planetary womb.  By adequately processing your life’s experiences, you are growing a healthy and weighty soul that will have a good start in after life.  On the other hand, a neglected spiritual growth won’t bear healthy spiritual fruits and many feel very out of place and disoriented when they transition to other realms. 

‘Who am I?” is the most important question you could ask, as in your quest for an answer, you will be receptive to the many clues placed along your life’s journey.  Each chapter of your existence is the scaffolding for the next one.  To help you fulfill His Vision for your life, the Father provides you with many personal revelations—your very own epochal revelations, dispensed to you according to your current needs for enlightenment.  Upon completion of your initial life’s assignments, you will receive new ones and you will increasingly grow into your divine self-hood.  The gap between your current persona and your future fully developed personality would be overwhelming and seem insurmountable and totally unrealistic to you if you were in the know of the great expectations the Father has for you.  What matters is that you do your best at all times.  This is how you will live your life in divine right order.”