Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Teacher Uteah: “You are asking me to address the topic of “Courage and Encouragement.”  The Urantia Book discloses that a Faculty consisting of seven spiritual influences is made available to you during your spiritual infancy:  The Adjuvant Mind Spirits of Intuition, Understanding, Courage, Knowledge, Counsel, Worship, and Wisdom. 

“You were born on a world that is initially extremely enigmatic to you.  It is why you frequently need to rely on the subtle leading of the Spirit of Intuition—that you crudely depict as your ‘gut feeling.’ By acting upon Its clues, you grow in understanding—under the discreet patronage of the Spirit of Understanding.

“As well, your world is fraught with dangers—real or imaginary—that you have to address head-on to deflect.  Turn to your appointed Cheerleader--the Spirit of Courage. It will infuse you with Its can-do spirit, preventing you from ending up crushed and wallowing in despair, self-pity, and even resentment against your seemingly ‘inhuman’ human condition. 

“It is because He entertains such a high vision for your eternal destiny that the Father has put into place the necessary safety nets to ever nudge you upward and forward. 

“Appeal to the Spirit of Courage whenever you need Its booster shots.  Connect with any ‘encouraging’ spiritual trade winds —the ‘uplifting’ streams of your human life.  It could be listening to a beautiful musical rendition; reading an inspiring book; having a heartfelt conversation with a friend; acknowledging the warm smile of a stranger.  Those are some of the emotional bandages that the Spirit of Courage has assembled in Its First Aid Kit.  After It lays hands on your bruised feelings, you will start feeling better, ready for a brave reentry in the ring of your life.  Know that, one round at a time, you are earning the Champion Belt that the Father will someday personally drape around your waist as an acknowledgment for your many acts of heroism.”