Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, you were just reading in The Urantia Book about the Graduate Guides who will accompany you in the last trek of your journey toward the embrace of Paradise.  The Father is assigning Teachers to His ascending children every step of the way as loneliness is never to be part of your life again after you willingly connect with All That Is.

“During your material life, the Father is dispatching to you Angelic companions and, as you grow and develop your spiritual understanding and as you express your heartfelt intentions to be of higher service, personal Seraphim are assigned to you, your best friends from across the veil.  After you depart from your birth planet, more Teachers and Guides are being assigned to your personal curriculum and they ensure that you master all the foundational lessons which are prerequisites to your admission into higher realms.

“Again, the creature has to freely enlist for this higher education by doing his/her own declaration of willingness.  The creature has to initiate the enrollment in the Schools of Higher Education.  Due to their continually increasing level of difficulty, no one is ever allowed to skip classes as they would be overwhelmed by the next level and the next one.  The Father always ensures that the needs of the creature are met at all levels.

“As a child, you were first taught to read and to write so that you could use these basic and yet so essential skills to gain access to more educational materials.  As you became aware of your own unique gifts and talents, more specialized Teachers were introduced to your education so as to place you on your own individual track of learning. 

“The Father has different visions for the future of His children based on the qualities and gifts that are embedded into them.  This is the reason why there is a constant matching taking place between you and your Teachers.  As you evolve, new Teachers are being assigned to you, taking the relay in your education.  Do apply yourself day by day and one day, in the far distant future, you will be able to look at your ascension journey and to understand with clarity the whys of so many of your life events which were meant to teach you very valuable and priceless lessons. 

“The Father uses your intellect in order to help you make decisions which benefit to the development of your heart.  Paradise is the place where Hearts are joined in the most beautiful embrace you will ever experience--the objective of times.  From then on, you will be guided 100% by your heart impulses as it will beat in unison with the Heart of the Father, without missing a beat.”