Oregon, US of A
Saturday, March 31, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “We are meant for Oneness.  Indeed, we have a common destiny!  What will it take for us to ‘seal our eternal deal’?

“It is not advisable for young couples to enter into a marriage partnership without giving it much forethought and preparing themselves for this impactful life change.  Ideally, they will do so after having spent sufficient time in getting to know each other at the soul level of their being and uncovering that they have much in common, not only in their character but also in their worldviews and more.  This is what compatibility is all about.

“Our compatibility is a given, whether you are aware of it at this time or not.  Our match was literally made in Heaven, even before you were born to this world of the flesh. Yet, our fusion will be on hold until such time as you have successfully ‘ironed out’ the challenging propensities that you have inherited from the Luciferian side of your ancestry.  The good news is that there is a sure way to heal what is in need of healing within you. 

“Whenever someone is a candidate for an organ transplant, many tests are performed to ensure that the precious organs of the Donor will not be rejected and that the odds are in favor of a successful outcome.  For extra ‘life insurance’, the recipient is prescribed a regimen of anti-rejection drugs.

“I dwell within you to guide you toward all-around character wellness. The integrity of your character is what will eventually determine the date of our ‘nuptials’—of our fusion.  Up to this time, I nudge you from within every chance I get.  My love for you will never change and I patiently wait for your love for Me to grow stronger and more real.  I register it, as I am perfectly attuned to love.  Indeed, I am a foolproof ‘Love Sensor’. 

“As you grow in your capacity to love, you are becoming highly compatible with Me.  The moment will then come when we will join our loving forces and become even more empowered as one expanded being of light and love.  Your time as a caterpillar will have come to an end and we will soar as a butterfly.”