Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “As you are shutting off any external interferences, you are stepping in the inner world that I share with you.  Let me tell you about this inner reality.  It is vast and filled with opportunities that you can willingly explore.

“You relate to your outer reality through the input of your physical senses.  Because your experience of the material world is so intense, it often takes the front seat at the detriment of the subtle and complex spiritual planes.

“The planet on which you live has been mapped out by many brave explorers over its agelong evolution:  those who sailed their ship toward unknown shores; those who focused their microscope on the tiniest of the realities or pointed their telescopes toward the nightly skies to pierce through their darkness and reveal more unknown territories.  Others explored the harmonics of sounds or the palettes of colors, and so much more.  Each one of your physical senses is a gateway to worlds unknown.

“The same applies to your spiritual senses.  They lay dormant within you until you make the informed decision to activate them to explore the mysteries for which they serve as inner gateways. 

“A great activator is the power of your imagination—a form of inner vision. By definition, imagination is the faculty of the mind to form and manipulate images. It fosters your creativity.  Some of you claim to suffer from poor imagination while others relish in the fecundity of this boundless power.  As for any skills, imagination needs to be cultivated to expand your inner vision.  It acts as a powerful projector that sheds light on a multitude of possible areas of exploration.

“I indwell you and can help guide your mind in its worthy endeavor to blaze a trail in the vast inner world.  A prerequisite to that process is that you set higher intentions which will act as the finetuning agents of your inner exploration.  I will then be able to direct your drifting mind toward new shores of understanding by putting it in touch with catalysts for higher thinking, feeling, and acting.”