Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “In their unadulterated state, love and respect cannot be told apart.  Genuine love is respectful, and authentic respect is loving.  The admonition to “Treat others as you want to be treated” necessarily includes these two elements.   If those who claim to love you disrespect you, it is not loving.  As well, you do not respect those you deem unworthy of your affection.

“Love was the main feature of Jesus’ teachings—for a good reason.  The primal motivation and driving force behind the far-fledged creative process have been, are, and forever will be love.  As well, during His human life, Jesus weighed all His decisions against the litmus test of love, as being Godlike is to choose the way with the most love consistently. 

“What about respect?  Bullies feed their needy egos by cruelly disrespecting their peers, finding fleeting satisfaction in doing so.  Sadly, this type of dysfunctional demeanor is very prevalent in your world—as frequently exhibited in political or religious arenas.  Those plagued by a superiority complex mistakenly assert a monopoly on truth.  They thus issue a death sentence on Living Truth, as, being a free spirit, it cannot bear being held captive in rigid credos. 

“Truth is omnipresent in what constitutes ‘reality,’ it is interwoven in the fabric of All That Is.  Your minds have a bottomless capacity for truth.  Never claim to have uncovered enough truth to last you for a lifetime.  Humbly admit your areas of ignorance. Be ever on the look-out for truth disclosures on a need-to-know basis.  Truth will be the ever-reliable guiding light for your eternal exploratory journey.  If a first-grader decided to drop out of school, he would forever remain a first grader.  Have an insatiable hunger for truth, and you will be fed at all the operating levels of your persona. 

“As well, break the bread of truth with others and let them eat to their fill.  Each one of you is at a different place along their growth curve.  Teenagers develop a strong appetite as their body undergoes growth spurts.  As well, healthy spiritual growth requires the steady intake of healthy soul nutrients at each critical stage of your eternal growth-curve.” 

Any religion that does not act as a pillar for Love and Respect is not worthy of that appellation.  On the other hand, anyone who acts lovingly and respectfully is Love in Action—emulating Jesus’ demeanor and making a positive difference in the world.”