Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, August 15, 2018

“The Great Supreme takes no credit for his bestowals. He is supreme in power, yet he remains hidden from our gaze. He unceasingly transmutes his attributes while perfecting his creatures… He guides and directs, but without self-assertion. He ministers progression, but without domination.”  [UB 1452:02]

Thought Adjuster: “What is true greatness?  The human concept for greatness frequently falls short of its actual meaning.  Indeed, the objective of each human life is to fuse with the Divine by growing in godlikeness—their true calling for greatness.  Thus doing, they become ‘great’ in spirit—a far cry from the human watered-down criteria for fame.

“Jesus graduated from His humanity to His godlikeness by consistently steering away from the pitfalls of self-glorification—always forwarding any marks of appreciation to His Heavenly Father rather than hoarding them for Himself.

“Indeed, humility is a telltale sign of true greatness and purity of heart.  Our Creator is an infinite powerhouse that holds myriads of universes together but also sustains them freely with His ever-flowing Life Force.  Yet, He humbly remains hidden from the human eyes. The Great Benefactor is an Anonymous Giver, relishing in the joy and heartfelt appreciation expressed by His creatures when moved by His attributes of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. 

“The Father does not display any narcissistic tendencies toward self-adulation and self-glorification.  Neither did Jesus.  Those who are truly great are those who act out of pure love, without begging for the recognition of their peers.  They humbly acknowledge that their human achievements derive from their God-given personality and that, therefore, all due credit belongs to the Giver—not the recipient.

Dear ones, humility is what gets you in touch with your innate greatness.  Indeed, greatness is humble, grateful, generous, and self-forgetful.  Such are some of the many ‘great’ attributes of your divine lineage.”