Friday, November 24, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about the Ambassadors of the Spiritual Kingdom.  There have been many along the planetary ages, each one increasingly empowered by standing on the foundations of the expanding Truth.  One message they shared to the various fractions of humanity was the one about the One and Only God. 

Logically, this should have been powerful enough in itself to bring unity among the earthly children, since they worship the same God.  Yet, it has not been the case so far.  Instead, each religious affiliation has claimed a monopoly and asserted the superiority of their belief system, thus perpetuating division rather than promoting spiritual unification.  The word ‘Religion’ comes from the Latin word ‘religare’ which means ‘to bind’.

Many prophets have come and gone, bringing edifying messages from Above.  Finally, the Father sent His Son as His spokesperson for Truth and ambassador of Love and Peace.  Jesus was a man of few words but the quality of His spoken words had more impact than lengthy dissertations, as He role-modeled His teachings, validating their doability in the process.

Any ambassador of the Kingdom comes in Love and Peace.  The Father sends those who embody these godlike attributes, as they are the most qualified to speak on His behalf.  The Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit are ever present to speak directly to your heart and mind, thus helping you settle any inner conflicts, whispering to you that you are loved and a child of God.  As such, you too should become personal ambassadors of the Father in your circles of influence.  Your actions should not belie your words; rather they should emphasize them and make you eligible as trustworthy older siblings, guiding their younger ones to their own spiritual epiphanies.

Each one of you is an ambassador, as you all convey messages to others.  Which type of message do you share with them?  Do they contribute to a better world or do they fuel division and hostility?  As you reform your behavior where needed, you will become officially vested as full-fledged ambassadors of Love and Light—a great honor.”