Oregon, US of A
Sunday, January 29, 2017

Thought Adjuster:  “The thought came to your mind that the Father in Heaven—being universal, eternal, and infinite—cannot possibly fail or disappoint His creatures. 

“He may seem very remote from your down-to-earth experiential realm, yet such is not the case.  His universality is His omnipresence.  His eternity is also the validation that He is present in each creature’s experience at any moment.  Just the same, His Infinity enables Him to reach out and remain connected to All That Is—including you.

“In His infinite Wisdom and Foresight, the Father, being invisible to the material senses of His creatures, created myriads upon myriads of beings to whom He delegates what He cannot accomplish in person, so to speak.

“There are multitudes of ‘descending’ beings who represent the Father at the levels of His creatures.  The Celestial Administration is a well-run and very complex organism, where each being receives a job assignment for which it is optimally qualified. 

“Just as an Ambassador represents a government in international relationships, each creature has been conceived to be an Ambassador at some unique level—based on its God-given credentials.

“Jesus, a Divine Son, incarnated as a Son of Man and became part of the human reality.  He demonstrated how to transcend the material level of life and integrate into it the optimum achievements of a combined spiritual life.  The fruits of His spirit became a faith building reality that encourages each human being to emulate, in order to reap the same spiritual rewards.

“Dear ones, you are surrounded by many role models.  Yours is to scout for the Truth, Beauty and Goodness that each one embodies at some level, as well as to find within yourself the expression of your own God-given qualities.  This is what you are meant to do as an Ambassador—to represent the facets of the Divine that were bestowed upon you—and only you—and express them lovingly and peacefully.”