Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Thought Adjuster:  As you were soliciting My meaningful Input, the word ‘meaningful’ caught your attention and you realized that it is a given that My Input would be filled with meanings, as it is how I provide My Guidance.

“Jesus, whose character demonstrated godlikeness to the highest degree ever made visible to humankind, only spoke weighty words, as His sacred intention was that His life serve as a Father Revelator. 

“Human beings frequently speak about the weather when they need to establish a connection with one another.  Jesus spoke in parables about the weather and other apparently trivial topics to help human beings find the Father and His values. 

“For those among you who wish to live ‘meaningful’ lives, My advice is to refrain from engaging in meaningless conversations, as they fail to lift the soul and are frequently obstacles to soul development, if they promote thinking and emotions that are loveless.  Indeed, you can gauge the value of anything you say or do from its content in Love.  The Father created All That Is to be a sacred vessel of Love. 

“In order to perform an inner housecleaning, you need to identify the components of your life that are ‘useless’ to your soul growth and discard them as you would discard knick-knacks that only accumulate dust and that you overlook, having grown accustomed to their presence in your home.

“The quest for higher meanings can be compared to the filing of your ascension flight plan.  Beware of the air pockets that you may encounter along the way.  Those turbulences are caused by the areas of your life that are still hollow—the potholes on the road to Paradise that need to be filled with solid and sustainable meanings in order to restore the safe cruising of your human vehicle.”