Oregon, US of A
Thursday, June 6, 2019

“…. You have to be accountable for your actions before you take them!”  Teacher Uteah

Guardian Angel: “As your Guardian of Destiny, we too are accountable for our actions.  This universal law of taking personal responsibility applies to all will-creatures.  Can you fathom the magnitude and the boldness of the co-creative endeavor set in motion eons ago by our Creator Who made the success of His Great Plan dependent on the willing collaboration of His myriads of creatures? 

“The Father Himself takes accountably for His actions before He takes them.  What does it tell you?  First of all, accountability is one of the Godlike attributes that will make you perfect as He is.  Second of all, it is not an unrealistic expectation, since it has been enacted as a universal law.  As well, the Father personally vouches for the positive outcome of His premeditated actions.

“The Father is a Lawmaker.  Have you ever thought of it that way?  To safeguard the integrity of His Works, He first set in place a supportive framework of concise universal Laws that ensure that ‘law-abiding’ creatures harmoniously operate according to the same core principles—the Owner’s Manual.

“The first enacted divine law was the Law of Cause and Effect: For every effect, there is a definite cause and, likewise, for every cause, there is a definite effect. This law took precedence over all others because the Father IS the First Cause and Center of All That Is.  The Law of Attraction is a natural derivative of this fundamental principle.  Your thoughts, behaviors, and actions generate specific effects that shape your life as you know it. As well, the practice of the Golden Law admonished by Jesus—to treat others as you want to be treated—should be a rule of thumb for each well-led experiential life.  It is disastrous whenever you stray away from it. 

“On your planet, each religion preconizes that Golden Rule.  However, looking at the rampant dysfunction, it is evident that it has fallen off the spiritual radar of many.

“Are you accountable for your actions before taking them?  Will you assume full responsibility for their consequences or will you cope-out, pleading the fifth constitutional amendment against self-incrimination and assigning blame to sacrificial scapegoats?  Your world would quickly work its way toward Light and Life if individuals made ‘enlightened’ decisions.  Many of the issues you are arguing about arise from the abuse of personal liberties.  They would become moot if you acted ‘responsibly’ toward yourself and others, as dictated by the tenets of the Universal Laws that support all life.”