THE 3 Gs
Oregon, US of A
Monday, March 11, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “How do you transition from Grief to Grace?  The intervening agent for such a rescue mission is Gratitude. 

“Gratitude acts as an antidote. It takes the sting out of the sorrow that threatens to engulf you by flooding your emotional system with its heaviness, making it very difficult for you to catch your breath.

“Not only your breathing is shallow, but the lack of emotional oxygen also impairs your ability to think clearly.  It is as if a dark cloud was hovering over your head, set on blocking all rays of hope.  Intellectual understanding does not make the process any easier.

“A change of focus is the secret for bringing about a welcome change of inner scenery.  Rather than entertaining a co-dependent relationship with Grief, you can choose to grab the extended hand of Gratitude and follow its enheartening lead.

“Gratitude will take you on a therapeutic inner stroll, drawing your attention to the positive elements of the complex balance-sheet of your life.  It will lift your spirits, enabling you to discern for the first time the bright silver lining surrounding your grief.  It is then that occurs the saving moment of Grace you have been praying for.

“Surely, Grief has to be acknowledged, felt, and processed.  Its causes are very legitimate, but it is not healthy to wallow in it—remaining stuck in its shadows.  Life has been conceived to be associated with Light.  It starts from within.  How do you anchor yourself in Light and Life?  It is something to reflect upon—possibly the most crucial conversation you could ever hold with yourself.  Even better, you can turn it into a dialogue with Me—your Inner Divine Fragment, Who IS the very Light and Life you are longing for.”