The Inner Sherpa - Daily Manna from Above (Volume 1)

"The Inner Sherpa--Daily Manna From Above" is a compilation of the daily messages received by Anyas from her Indwelling Spirit over the course of one year during her morning Stillness practice. She is sharing her spiritual treasure chest, as well as the tools she collected in her spiritual toolbox, with the heartfelt intention to encourage others to initiate their own treasure hunt by cultivating their relationship with their Indwelling Spirit and their Guides. "Manna from Above" is daily spiritual practice--a diverse spiritual menu from which one can pick and choose what most appeals to your spiritual taste buds. Just as the actual manna daily fell from the skies to feed the Israelites wandering through the desert, the Divine is providing us with spiritual manna--a nutritious spiritual breakfast--intended to feed each soul according to its most immediate needs. All we need to do is spend time in the Stillness in order to listen and to receive.

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Anyas was born and raised in France in a Catholic family. After studying English and German, she moved to Germany at age twenty. Soon after, as a young idealist, she joined the Unification Church [UC] and volunteered there as a missionary for thirteen intense years. After seven years spent in Germany, she was transferred to New York City for a couple of years. From there, she relocated to Saudi Arabia where she spent three years as a missionary together with her husband, Jim. Both their sons were born there. After reading the lengthy revelation of the Urantia Book, Jim resigned from the UC and the family moved to Alaska, USA, Jim's birthplace. Their daughter was born a few years later. After leaving the UC, Anyas underwent four difficult years of what she calls 'the dark night of her soul.' Leaving the church left her guilt ridden as she believed she had betrayed God. Finally, her spiritual journey resumed when she overcame her resistance to read the Urantia Book, as well as got acquainted with the practical spiritual teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda that introduced her to meditation. From then on, she found her spiritual wings and became an avid spiritual explorer. Instead of doing what she perceived to be God's Will out of a sense of duty, she realized He was only asking of her to joyfully share her own God-given gifts and qualifications. In 2008, she made the personal commitment to meditate daily in order to validate for herself the benefits of the Stillness Practice. It did not take very long for her to notice the positive transformation it brought into her life and Stillness has been her daily practice ever since. In 2010, she was inspired to initiate a Women's Circle--SOUL--[Sisterhood of Unconditional Love]. Its intention were to bring together women from all paths of life to share their spiritual tools and experiences--setting aside any divisive beliefs of dogma. This was another launching pad toward a more in-depth spiritual journey. In 2010, her next objective became to develop her ability to hear her Still Small Voice and to become a receiver of celestial messages. As she thought she was not making much progress, she started rereading the journal entries made during her morning meditations. This is when she realized that Spirit had been talking to her all along. This book is a compilation of the daily messages she received in 2015.